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Feel free to reach out to City employees by using the information listed below. If you are on mobile, simply click on the listed number to give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!
Department Name First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
City Administration Crystal Johnson City Manager (320) 564-3011 .ext -1
City Administration Christine Kleven City Clerk (320) 564-3011 .ext -1
Finance Neal Carstensen Finance Director (320) 564-3011 .ext -6
Finance Lynn Enestvedt Bookkeeper (320) 564-3011 .ext -5
Finance Jenifer Galow Billing Clerk (320) 564-3011 .ext -2
Public Works John Aus Public Works Director (320) 564-3511
Electrical Distribution Perry Peterson Electrical Distribution Superintendent 320-564-4426
Water Department Chris Anderson Water Plant Superintendent 320-564-2530
Wastewater Treatment Chris Anderson Wastewater Plant Operator (320) 564-3338
Transportation Prairie Five RIDES 1-877-757-4337
Motor Vehicle Laurie Larson Motor Vehicle Registrar (320) 564-4641 .ext -3
Motor Vehicle Julie Luepke Assistant Motor Vehicle Registrar (320) 564-4641 .ext -3
Police Department Non-Emergency 320-564-2129
Police Department Administration 320-313-3126