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Birthday Party Packages
The Kilowatt Community Center offers a number of different facilities for rent including meeting rooms, kitchens, fitness rooms, and the indoor pool. In order to officially reserve one of our outstanding facilities, you must complete and sign a Room Rental Agreement along with a Facility and Rental Fees (both of which can be downloaded simply by clicking their respective names). Please read all information and notes below before signing either form. After both are completed, you must drop each document off at the KCC or mail them in with the appropriate money. 

The list of facilities for rent, along with their corresponding rental rate, are outline below. Please note that there are different rates if you are a For Profit or Non-Profit entity. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information to your right. 

  Meeting Facilities   
   For Profit Rate   Non-Profit Rate
 Kitchen only   $25.00 per event  $25.00 per event
 Small meeting room (with kitchen)  $125.00 per event  $90.00 per event
 Large meeting room (without kitchen)  $95.00 per event  $65.00 per event
 Both meeting room (with kitchen)  $185.00 per event  $115.00 per event
 Birthday Party Packages    

 Indoor Pool   
 Number of people  For-Profit Rate  Non-Profit Rate
 1-16   $75.00/hour   $75.00/hour
 16-50   $100.00/hour   $100.00/hour
 51-100   $125.00/hour   $125.00/hour
 101-150   $175.00/hour   $175.00/hour
 151-200   $225.00/hour   $225.00/hour
  201-250   $275.00/hour   $275.00/hour

 Other Facilities   
    For-Profit Rate   Non-Profit Rate
 Multi-Purpose room/Gymnasium   $50.00/hour   $50.00/hour or $175.00/event
 Fitness Room   $15.00/hour   $15.00/hour
 Racquetball/Walleyball Court   $1.00/person   $1.00/person

  • -An additional $30.00/hour will be charged for all events held before or after regular operating hours
  • -An additional $35.00 clean-up fee may be charged if staff deem necessary
  • -A fully refundable damage deposit of $50.00 is required with all reservations (make two separate checks payable to the Kilowatt Community Center)
  • -An additional $50.00 deposit is required for the multi-purpose room and a $100.00 deposit for the pool 
  • -Late cancellations will be charged a $25.00 fee if the KCC is not given at least three days notice.

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