Government Boards and Committees
Granite Falls has over 11 volunteer driven boards, commissions, and advisory commitees that oversee various portions of public administration. The City actively seeks applicants with diverse backgrounds and experiences to add a unique viewpoint and represent Granite Falls as a community. If you are interested in getting involved, please visit the current openings page and submit an application. 

Listed below is a list of the active boards and committees:

Economic Development Authority
Major Duties:  
The Granite Falls Economic Development Authority (EDA), a subset of City Council, administers the City's Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and other financial incentives. They strive to recruit, retain, and expand business in Granite Falls and strategize on how to create a better business climate. The Board meets the second Monday of each month. 
 Membership -Seven members appointed to six-year terms 
 Liason -EDA Director
 Current Members 1.) John Virnig (President)
  2.) Mark Henderson (Vice President)
  3.) Dave Bollman
  4.) Jeff Cobb
  5.) Dave Beasley 
  6.) DuWayne Galow (Council Rep.)
  7.) Steve Schaub (Council Rep.)

Planning Commission
Major Duties:  
The Planning Commission is reponsible for hearing and deciding applications for land use, conditional use permits, variances, and land subdivisions. In addition, the Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council on planning decisions, including proposed rezonings. They generally meet every second Wednesday of each month. 
 Memberhip:  -Five member board appointed to three-year terms
 Liason:  -City Administrator
 Current Members: 1.) Les Berquist
  2.) Jean Fagnano 
  3.) Craig Bakkelund 
  4.) Vacant 
  5.) Steve Schaub (Council Rep.)

Utilities Commission
Major Duties:  
The Utilities Commission is comprised of seven members with three-year terms. The primary responsiblity of the commission is to establish water and electric rates for consumers. They meet on the 4th Monday of each month in the Granite Falls Council Chambers. There is current three available spots--if interest please contact Joan Taylor, City Clerk.  
Membership:  -Seven member board appointed to three-year terms
Liason: -City Administrator
Current Members: 1.) Tom Cherveny (Secretary) 
  2.) Keith Koerlin 
  3.) Brad Peterson 
  4.) Vacant 
  5.) Vacant
  6.) Vacant  
  7.) Dave Smiglewski (Council Rep.)  

 Library Board
Major Duties:   
The Libary Board oversees all items pertaining to the local library. They establish new programs to help attract visitors and ensure the viability of the library for years to come. Meetings are held in the Granite Falls conference room. 
Membership: -Seven member board appointed to three year terms
Liason: -City Administrator
Current Members: 1.) Joe Fagnano 
  2.) Vacant 
  3.) Tammy Zieske 
  4.) Vacant 
  5.) Kristi Flaten 
  6.) Vacant 
  7.) Sarina Otaibi (Council Rep.)

Hospital Board
Major Duties:   
Membership: Seven member board appointed to three-year terms
Liason:  Hospital Administrator
Current Members: 1.) Mark Jensen 
  2.) Vacant 
  3.) LaVonne Koenen 
  4.) Mitch Ayers 
  5.) Dave Nordaune 
  6.) Kristi Flaten
  7.) Joe Fagnano (Council Rep.) 

Park Board
Major Duties:  
Membership:  Five member board appointed to three-year terms
Liason: City Administrator
Current Members:  1.) Joe Nielsen 
  2.) Joyce Lawson 
  3.) Melisa Helgeson 
  4.) Nicole Zempel 
  5.) Steve Schaub (Council Rep.) 

Airport Commission
Major Duties  
Membership: Five member board appointed to three-year terms
Liason:  City Administrator 
Current Members:  1.) Scott Peterson  
  2.) Ryan Fromm 
  3.) Brian Barber 
  4.) Keith Woods 
  5.) DuWayne Galow (Council Rep.)

Kilowatt Community Center Board
Major Duties:  
Memberships: Seven member board appointed to three-year terms
Liason: KCC Director 
Current Members:  Darlene Ulmer 
  Jackie Torvik 
  Lyndsey Weber 
  Victor Plante 
  Sue Vetsch 
  Steve Nordaune (Council Rep.)
  Joseph Fagnano (Council Rep.) 

Finance Committee
Major Duties:  
Memberships: Two member committee selected from Council Members
Liason: City Administrator/Finance Director
Current Members: 1.) DuWayne Galow
  2.) Sarina Otaibi 

Wage and Salary Committee
Major Duties:   
Memberships: Two member committee selected from Council Members
Liason:  City Administrator/Finance Director 
Current Members:  1.) Steve Nordaune 
  2.) DuWayne Galow 

Community Education
Major Duties:  
Memberships:  Two member committee selected from Council Members 
Liason:  City Administration 
Current Members:  1.) Dave Smiglewski 
  2.) Crystal Johnson, Ex Officio 

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